Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smokin' Hot Candles from RainbowDepot!

These Tealight Stairs from RainbowDepot are a stairway to heavenly romantic light. And one set would be great, but two or three would be so much better.  Imagine the romantic glow you can achieve when you place these candles around the room or outside.  The rainbow candles are included so all you need is a match and it's ready, set, partytime!

Order some today by clicking on the link below!

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Arches Candle Holders

Aroma Diffuser with Votives

Arch Tealight Holder

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rainbow Hair Scrunchie

Anytime is ponytail time! Pull up your hair with this Rainbow Hair Scrunchie from Rainbow Depot. Then flip that ponytail around with some serious attitude! Whether your hair is long or not so long, blonde or black, this scrunchie will add some serious pizzaz to your style.

Click on the link to take advantage of this fun Deal of the Day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pride Necklace ID Tag

RainbowDepot is showing some serious PRIDE on this Manic Monday with our Deal of the Day!  Priced at 40% off, this Pride Necklace ID Tag is a must have item!  In fact, at this price, you can order one for yourself and one for that special someone in your life!

Click on the link below with PRIDE to get yours today!

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Rainbow Pride ID Tag

Rainbow Pride ID Tag

Bear Pride ID Tag

Rainbow Bear Necklace

Friday, August 26, 2011

HURRY - This great deal is almost over!

Save 40% on Shirts @ RainbowDepot
There are only a few days left to take advantage of RainbowDepot's back to school sale!  Buy any 3 T-shirts and get 40% off!  Now that's what we call a deal!  We've got a great selection including tanks, tees and even some for babies.  What are you waiting for?

Click on the link below and then get out there and have yourselves a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rainbow Flag Toothpicks

Now, thanks to RainbowDepot, you can pick your teeth in rainbow style.  These adorable Rainbow Flag Toothpicks are a serious must have item, especially because they are our deal of the day!  Great for holding your sandwich or burger together and perfect for those back yard barbecues!

Click on the link below to "pick" some out today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RainbowDepot wants you to have FUN WITH FEATHERS!

Do you like to have fun with feathers?  Who doesn't!  This Rainbow Feather Wreath from RainbowDepot is beyond fun.  Use it to decorate for your next party. You can hang this bright wreath on a door, a wall, or use it as a centerpiece.  The possibilities are endless!

Click on the link below to order now while it's 40% off as our Deal of the Day!

Here are a few more fabulous ways to have fun with feathers:
Rainbow Sectioned Boa

Feather Fan

Rainbow Feather Angel Wings

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Triangle Golf Balls

Are you tired of playing with plain ol' boring balls? Brighten up your golf game with these Triangle Golf Balls from Rainbow Depot. Why play with those dull white balls when you can play with these colorful ones! They're way above "par" and will help you get into the "swing" of things.

Click on the link to get them while they're the Deal of the Day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rainbow Wood Claw Bracelet

Are you ready for the RainbowDepot Deal of the Day?  Well hold on to your hat because this is a doozy!  Priced at under $2.50 this Rainbow Wood Claw Bracelet is a steal of a deal!  It is sure to bring you the attention you are craving.  It's the perfect pick me up for your wrist.

Just click on the link below to take take advantage of this dynamite deal!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rainbow Iridescence with Rhinestones Bracelet = FABULOUS!

Add some sparkle and shine to your life with this brand new item from RainbowDepot.  This Rainbow Iridescence with Rhinestones Bracelet from RainbowDepot is just the bling you've been looking for. The colors are fabulous and are sure to bring a million compliments from your very envious friends!  It's priced at 40% off which makes it a delicious deal!  

Click on the link below to scoop it up today!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Treat yourself to a little shopping spree at RainbowDepot!

Save 40% on Shirts @ RainbowDepot
Start your weekend off right with a rainbow shopping spree at RainbowDepot.  We've got everything from jewelery to party supplies to gifts and much much more!
Rainbow Tube Necklace
Rainbow Feather Wreath (12 inch)
Rainbow Flower Spinner

You've worked hard all week, you deserve to treat yourself to a little something special.  At our customer service is superb and our prices are fabulous!  Just click on the link below to get the shopping started!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rainbow Mugs

Why drink your coffee from a tacky paper cup when you can sip with PRIDE from a "Be Proud" Rainbow Mug! This fun and colorful mug is our Deal of the Day and is priced at 40% off which makes it only $6.50. At that price you need to buy one for yourself and one for the hottie in the cubicle next to you! 

Click on the link below to get mugged today!

We've got a bazillion other fun mugs, too!  Click here to check 'em all out:

Here are just a few:
Bear Leather Rainbow Mug / Cup
Hate Free Zone Mug / Cup
I DO Mug / Cup
Gay Friendly Mug / Cup

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Handmade Rainbow Friendship Bracelets

These fabulous Rainbow Friendship Bracelets were a deal before they were the Deal of the Day! Now they're a steal! They come in a ten pack and each one is a different design and color. They're perfect for gifts and party favors. Each bracelet is adjustable to fit up to 9-inch wrists or ankles. Wear individually or in multiples. 

Click on the link below to decorate your wrist today!

Here's a few more ways to put some WOW on your wrist!
Rainbow String Bracelet
Silver Band Bracelet
Terry Cloth Wristband
Rainbow Bangles

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Be Proud Shirt
Buy any three t-shirts and get 40% off! WOW! Just in time for back to school and just in time for back to cool! Liven up your wardrobe with some fun and funky new t-shirts. We've got T's and tanks so there's something for everyone!

Butterfly #2 Shirt
Smilie Face Shirt
Palm Trees Shirt
I heart (custom) Shirt

Just click on the link below and let your fingers do the shopping!

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's a Cheetah-licious Monday at RainbowDepot!

Are you feeling Cheetah-licious on this beautiful Monday? You need to get yourself a smokin' hot pair of these Cheetah Rainbow Sunglasses. They're the RainbowDepot Deal of the Day and at 40% off they're sure to fit into every budget. They'll make your eyes purr and your friends green with envy! 

Order a pair today by clicking on the link below.

Here are a few more hot hot pairs for your baby blues:
Rainbow Festival Sunglasses
Rainbow Hands Sunglasses
Rainbow Butterfly Louvre Glasses
Disco Party Glasses

Friday, August 12, 2011

Double Male Watch from RainbowDepot

As promised, here is the super-duper cool Double Male Watch and it's our Deal of the Day at RainbowDepot!  Priced at 40% off this is a must have item.  Every time you look down at your wrist you'll be filled with pride!

All you need to do is click on the link below and take advantage of this fabulous deal!  What a great way to start off the weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Double Female Watch from RainbowDepot

Hey ladies! Check out the RainbowDepot Deal of the Day. This Double Female Watch is just what your wrist needs. Every time you look down to see what time it is you will be filled with pride. Just click on the link below to grab this deal before it's gone.

And don't worry boys, tomorrow's deal will the the double male version!
Double Male Watch

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to school special! Buy 3 T-shirts, get 40% off!

Save 40% on Shirts @ RainbowDepot
Getting ready to head back to school? Don't be sad, be glad, because RainbowDepot is offering a cool back to school special!  Buy any three of our fabulous t-shirts and get 40% off!

We've got so many great styles and designs. You're sure to find something you fall in love with.
Gay Since Birth Shirt

Firebird Shirt

I Only Look Straight Shirt

I Live In My Own Little World Shirt

Beat the back to school blues by clicking the link below.